Logary is a high performance, multi-target logging, metric, tracing and health-check library for mono and .Net.

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Logary v4.0 aims to be compatible with the latest Mono and .Net 4.0. It is compiled with open source F# 4.0. Logary is continously built on CentOS.

Install-Package Logary


Logary is the next generation logging framework. It observes some facts that it successfully builds its conceptual model from! It's written using functional programming in F# with only a single field 'global state' to facilitate logging with initialise-once static readonly fields. It never throws runtime exceptions if the configuration validates and never blocks the call-site.

What now?

Have a look at the overview of the targets, to get an idea about what you can log to! You can read up on the thinking behind logary. You can also watch a presentation in Swedish about how business should log semantically and not just dump it all into a text file!

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